Finding Purpose

I tend to feel this ridiculous notion that I’m not contributing to society because I stay home and don’t have a tangible way to measure my success. Well that is most definitely not true.  I think, all the time I need to be reminded of this, that I’m contributing to society in the best way possible; by staying home with our crew. By teaching them, learning from them, and loving on them. I’m raising the next generation of the world!  Hopefully I’ll instill in them a passion for God and for people. A passion to raise others up instead of tear them down. An ability to recognize their gifts and to figure out how to use them for good! I want to be the best me I can be, so I can teach them to be the best version of themselves.

This past year has been hard for me.  I was basically on bed rest the last month of being pregnant (and she still came a month early), 3 kiddos solo during the day with no mommy break, and then a huge move near the end of the year.  Woah!  Basically I put everything I like to do in a box and put it away. My focus had completely gone to the kids and I felt like my own desires had to wait.  For me, it was hard to find the balance between being mom and still doing what I like or wanted to do.

Well, now the baby is almost 1 (I still can’t believe it) and I’ve started finding me again.  I’ve been finding the things I like to do, and stepping out to try new things. I’ve been trying to rejuvenate my creative juices, and now there are days where I feel like me again!  I have space and time to let my mind wander, my hands create, and for me to find “me” again. I’m so grateful for the help that I have now and the time that I have to myself. It’s refreshing and most definitely lightens the heart.

I came across a post by Lindsey Nobles about owning our gifts. This was exactly what I needed to read!  The exact point where I’m trying to find my own purpose and what I feel like the Lord is calling me to do, I read this. It spoke volumes. OWN YOUR GIFT! Just because you’re not called to preach to the masses, doesn’t mean your calling to connect people, or be a prayer warrior is anything less.

After reading this, the next day God really spoke through our pastor’s message, I was encouraged by my husband and then later at lunch that same day, was encouraged through another person.

Ok, Lord, I’m listening.

Instead of trying to find my own purpose, I’m trying to find the purpose I was intended for with the gifts that I was given, by our Father.

Exciting things are coming! They’re slow…but they’re coming. I’m also learning patience in this whole thing because I just want instant gratification. Alright, I know what I’m supposed to do, let’s go do it now. Doesn’t work that way all the time.

As a mom, I will be praying for my girls. To find their purpose, their gift, early in life so that they may begin to refine it, use it and find joy in their gifts. I will also be praying that their gifts would be made known to myself and daddy so that we may be encouraging in the various ways they can use their gifts for others.

What are your gifts? Have you always known this about yourself or was it more of a mission to find it? Did someone have to tell you before you realized it?


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